About Kaia (Press Kit)

Artist: Kaia Fowler – songwriter/guitar/vocals

Genre: Singer-songwriter, original folk, blues, roots rock

From: Madison, Wis. area

Contact: kaia@kaiafowler.com

Brief bio: With soaring vocals and accomplished guitar playing, Kaia shares songs that explore life’s struggles and joys, drawing on folk, blues, and roots rock traditions. Inspired by nature and the human experience, Kaia’s songs resonate with strength and vulnerability as she explores a vast emotional landscape. In concert, Kaia draws from an extensive repertoire of originals and select cover songs by artists such as John Prine and Carole King. Her songwriting has been compared to Joni Mitchell’s for its lyrical poetry and rich melodies. The Americana Gazette had this to say about her 2010 album Seams of My Heart: “Fowler is a tremendous lyricist. Her lyrics paint pictures and her musical notes add the color…” Kaia’s latest album is an EP titled All The Way, dedicated to her late husband and benefiting the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. See full bio. . .

Key Achievements:
Finalist 2012 Great River Folk Festival Songwriting Contest
Veterans for Peace, Madison, Wis. Chapter guest artist at State Capitol rally, 2012
Selected as regional featured artist for Michelle Shocked’s Roadworks tour in Madison, Wis., 2010

Seams of My Heart LP, 2010 
All The Way EP, 2015

Press quote: “When a CD is as sparsely orchestrated as Seams of My Heart is, the lyrics need to help carry the load, and they do. Fowler is a tremendous lyricist. Her lyrics paint pictures, and her musical notes add the color to her songs. She wrote all the songs on this CD and deserves all the credit for creating such works of art. . . . I really, really like this CD. I have seen Fowler live and her performances are true to this recording. There were not a lot of studio tricks here. Just really great songs performed by great musicians, and that equals a great recording. Watch for Fowler playing in your area.” ~ Andy Ziehli, Publisher, Americana Gazette, Aug-Sept 2010

Recent venues: Café Carpe, Fort Atkinson, Wis.; Wild Hog in the Woods, Madison, Wis.; JustGoods Listening Room, Rockford, Illinois.
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