Thoughts on Promises

Hello Friends in Song,
If you’re in a hurry, fall concert dates are below. But if you have a minute, I have a couple thoughts I would like to share with you.

Yesterday evening I took a walk under the full moon with my older son and my dog and welcomed the crisp cool air against my face. Lately I have been reflecting on the past year with awe and gratitude. When I decided to get back into performing my music after taking a break following my husband’s death, you were all there for me — even those of you I hadn’t met yet. I starting booking again, feeling nervous about how difficult it might be to get the attention of venues after being away from performing for nearly three years. Because of some enthusiastic fans reaching out to venues and suggesting they book me (thank you – you know who you are), I quickly gained momentum. Now I find myself scheduled on the Madison Folk Music Society stage for the Willy Street Fair, something I dreamed of doing a year ago. Opportunities keep opening up for me because of the warm, supportive community of fellow songwriters, venue operators, music promoters and listeners. Whatever category or categories you fall into, I thank you wholeheartedly for being with me on my journey. 

I have also been thinking about promises we make to ourselves. About 10 years ago I decided to give myself the gift of health for my birthday. I hadn’t been paying much attention to taking care of my body and was on the road to serious health problems later in life if I didn’t make some changes. I am far from perfect when it comes to nutrition and exercise, but, overall, I have kept that promise to myself and am enjoying the results everyday. When I got back into performing, I promised myself I would give myself enough time with my music to be the best I can be. Our lives fill up quickly with family, friends, homes needing work, and the things we do to provide food, shelter, and clothing to ourselves and our dependents. Still, I wanted to dedicate the time and effort it takes to create music at a level that people would want to listen to it. I have been given songs to share and a voice to sing them with, so I am putting in the time to serve the songs and you, my wonderful listeners. I intend to keep this promise to myself and to you: to be the best performing singer-songwriter I can be by embracing the work and pouring my heart into all I do.

You make it all so much more meaningful. Thank you again for being there, for your attentive minds, your kind hearts, your smiles and nods, and for singing along when the spirit moves you. I am looking forward to many more years of enjoying music together. I hope you can make it to one or more of these upcoming concerts. Say hello if you do!

Sat Sep 16 — 2pm — Willy Street Fair, Madison, Wis. 
Fri Sep 22 — 6pm — SchoolGrounds Café, Cottage Grove, Wis.
Sat Sep 23 — 9am — Fort Atkinson Farmers Market, Fort Atkinson, Wis.
Fri Sep 29 — 6:30pm — Fisher King Winery (in the round with Wisconsin Songwriter Circle)
Fri Oct 6 — 7:30pm — Wild Hog in the Woods, Madison, Wis. 
Sat Oct 7 — 7pm — opening for Anne Hills at Cotter Creek House Concert, Shawano, Wis.
Sat Oct 13 — 8pm — co-bill concert at Cafe Carpe, details tba
Wed Oct 11 — 10:45am — Oregon Area Senior Center, Oregon, Wis. 
Thur Oct 19 — Sun Oct 22 — Folk Alliance Regional Midwest Conference, Iowa City
Sat Nov 18 — 7pm — The Coffee House at Chestnut & Pine, Burlington, Wis. 

See the full schedule on my “shows” page. 

Spring Musings and Gig Calendar Updates

Happy spring! The tulip blossoms in my rock garden and the tender buds on woody tree branches swell my heart with joy. When I walk by the garage, a sweet, earthy scent entices me around back to admire the lilac bush that has called this place home longer than I have. 

The lilac bush behind the garage

I planted a tiny new lilac tree this year, close to the house, a young companion for the elderly lilac tree visible from the kitchen windows. Each year this lichen garbed tree produces fewer leaves and even fewer deep purple blossoms like those shown in the photo above. I hope it lives many more years–enough for the baby tree to grow and blossom. Yet I accept that even lilac trees face mortality, no matter how loving the gardener, and I cherish each amethyst blossom all the more.

My musical life has also blossomed lately. I’ve enjoyed invitations to co-bill with several artists over the past year. In April, I shared the stage with fine artists at the Earth Day and Pete Seeger Tribute concert hosted by JustGoods Listening Room in Rockford, Illinois. See video from that event at my YouTube Channel.

This summer, I have the immense pleasure of forming a duo act featuring my son Caleb Wood, who regularly gigs as drummer for a jazz combo. Caleb, a fan of folk artist greats like Paul Simon and John Denver, will contribute guitar and/or percussion and vocals to our act. We can’t wait to share songs with you!

I am happy to announce a mini Wisconsin tour June 30 and July 1 with renowned folk troubadour Mark Dvorak. These gigs bring me to audiences beyond the Madison area. If you have friends or family around Oshkosh or Burlington who enjoy live indie folk music, please tell them to check out my website.


Friday, May 19, 8pm — Wild Hog in the Woods, Madison Wis.
Wednesday, June 21 — Make Music Madison appearances (Madison, Wis.)
     Noon – Lakeview Library
     2:30pm – Dane County Regional Airport
     5:30pm – Pairie Unitarian Universalist Society
Friday, June 30, 8pm — New Moon, Oshkosh, Wis., with MARK DVORAK
Saturday, July 1, 7pm — The Coffee House at Chestnut and Pine, Burlington, Wis., with MARK DVORAK
Saturday, Aug 5, 8:30pm — Café Carpe, Fort Atkinson, Wis.
Saturday, Sept. 23, 9am — Fort Atkinson Farmer’s Market

See the full schedule and more details at

May the flowers, trees, earth, and sky ever connect you with a sense of wonder.

I hope to see you soon!