Feelin’ Alright lyrics

Feelin’ Alright
c2008 Kaia Fowler

Sittin’ on my front porch
Talking to you on the phone.
Likin’ how the softness in your voice
Smoothes out the texture of my soul.
All the stars are shinin’ bright
In this moonless sky tonight,
And I’m feelin’ alright.
I’m feelin’ alright, feelin’ alright
feelin’ alright, I’m feelin’ alright.

‘Round here you know that spring has come
When you hear the frogs singin’ by the pond.
Right now I’m just like all those frogs;
Feels like I’ve crawled up from the mud
Where I lay buried all winter long.
I’m coming alive . . . and I’m feelin’ alright.
Feelin’ alright, feelin’ alright −
I’m feelin’ alright.

Want to stay up talkin’ with you all night long.
Want learn your story like my favorite song.
When I want to laugh, when I need to cry,
As long as you’re my friend, I’ll be feelin’ alright.

You’ve ridden countless miles alone
Pushed to your limit and beyond.
There’s no doubt you can make it on your own,
But you’d sure like for me to come along.
Together we close a circle,
Embrace the night,
Rediscover delight. . . and we’re feelin’ alright.
feelin’ alright, feelin’ alright –
we’re feelin’ alright.