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All songs copyright Kaia Fowler. All rights reserved.

Seams of My Heart album lyrics

4th of July Baby ©1990

Ask the Night ©1992

Dream Awhile ©1992

Feelin’ Alright ©2008

Home with You ©2008

Let Him Be ©2007

Please Bring the Light ©2008

The Sand and the Sea ©1997

Seams of My Heart ©1990

Sharing Life, Sharing Love ©2008

Whatever it Takes ©2008

Who Are You? ©1989


All The Way album lyrics

All The Way ©2012

Feel So Much ©2011

Stay With Me ©2012

Where the Water Meets the Land ©2013


Selected Unreleased Songs

Harborage Road ©2008, revised ©2012

I’ll Go Along with You ©2011

Life Is So Beautiful ©2010

Obon, Dance of Light ©2014

There Is Joy ©2016

What Have I Done? ©2016