One Breath Album

One Breath covert art
Transcendence. Photo by Caleb Wood. Collage art, “Expectations of the Day,” by Gail McCoy

Current Album Project: One Breath 

Now in final production preparation with Grammy Award winning engineer Charlie Pilzer of Tonal Park! Release planned in 2020, One Breath features songs about transcendence, about the joy of loving others well, about the mysteries of living and dying, and about resilience.

Pre-order today by donating to my One Breath Go Fund Me page and emailing me at and put “One Breath” in the subject line.

Donate any amount to support the project.

Donate the following to pre-order the album:

  • Donations of $28 or more will receive an autographed CD when it is released (includes shipping!).
  • Donations of $18 or more will receive a CD (includes shipping!)
  • Donations of $15 or more will receive a digital download (16 tracks).
  • Donations of less than $15 will receive the title track “One Breath” as a digital download.

Songs on this album affirm hope, beauty, and comfort. One Breath reflects on the passage of time, how we change, and how we stay the same, all sung and played from the heart with a love for all in an invitation to unity and sacred connection.

I am thankful to these amazing musicians who contributed to the album:

  • The wonderful Tricia Alexander on blues harmonica for “Ridin’ Along”. (Yes!)
  • Joe Jencks, one of the best-loved folk artists in the U.S. (and beyond), arranged and recorded harmonies and bouzouki for “Take Shelter in Love”
  • Peter Phippen contributed bass and bamboo flutes for “Obon, Dance of Light”
  • Drummer Caleb Wood played on “Eclipse”, “Life Is So Beautiful” and “Ridin’ Along”

I am happy to say that One Breath is shaping up beautifully, and I can’t wait to get it in your hands. If you want to pre-order or donate to support the project, please email me at and donate through the Go Fund Me project page

Thanks so much to folks who have already pledged or donated to this project! Your support helps me do more with my music! It means so much to me, truly. Thanks, too, to everyone who encourages me to be myself making the music I hear in my head and creating albums so that people can listen to it even when I am not around!

I am so thankful to those who contributed to this album, whether through Go Fund Me donations, through adding their music to the album, inspiring the songs on this album with your actions and words (Thank you Isaac, Caleb, Scott, Dee, Mary Sue, and Melanie, Steffi, and countless others!), through loaning me a special guitar for the title track, “One Breath” (thank you Ken Fall!), through photography for the album art and helping make it happen (Thanks to Nath Dresser, Isaac Wood, and Caleb Wood!), and through graphic design and constant encouragement and friendship (Thank you, Dee Hoglund!). I also want to especially thank my mother for her constant support and encouragement and for always lending a listening ear when I need to talk ever since I was a little girl following her around the kitchen after school. And to all of my family, friends, and followers as well as everyone who has ever given me an encouraging smile when I stepped on stage to share my music, I give my deepest gratitude. I find myself beautifully delighted at how this album is coming together and you are all part of making that happen!

With great caring,

~ Kaia