recording, songwriting, but maybe not sharing

The current state of things in my singer-songwriter world:

First, a generous singer-songwriter well-loved in Madison and beyond, Beth Kille, has offered her home studio for my PANCAN fundraiser EP album. I feel grateful! The tracks will be solo – me on vocals and guitar. I plan to pour every bit of the feelings that created the songs into them while I record, so watch out! Going into the studio on December 17. Well wishes and warm thoughts welcome on that day.

Next, the mysterious place in my mind that taps into the universe and downloads songs has managed to drag and drop a couple of new ones over the past few weeks. I love writing and playing with new songs to find just the sound I want on the guitar, just the phrasing and intonation on the vocals.

Finally, as I posted to Twitter this evening, I am having an internal debate about the wisdom of sharing rough demos here. And does that all come down to fear? Or is it more about quality and not wasting your time on less than the best I can deliver? I will contain the debate for now, keeping it out of your email inboxes, but know that it is going on, and, as a compromise, I decided to share part of a new song. Take a listen here. (Click arrow to play even if it seems stuck on “loading.”)

Soon I’ll share the rest of “Where the Water Meets the Land” and the story behind it. For now, an image . . .

Cana Island Door County view of Lake Michigan through arch of trees, stone wall
Photo by Scott R. Jaeger c2013


Glad to be here with you. Leave me a message in the comments if you like.

Be well, (Not to be confused with “be good.”)