Spirituality, Wellness, Peacebuilding

The voice of an angel . . . 

Kaia shares songs that support wellness, spiritual growth, and oneness of community with a voice that resonates with comfort and encouragement. Her own songs include pieces like “Where the Water Meets the Land” written in response to the grief of losing her husband to cancer and “All the Way” about loving and caring for someone living with a terminal disease. Other songs like, “Will I Grow” and “Life Is So Beautiful” speak to the universal struggles of human existence with hope and wonder. She also shares songs by other artists including “Up to the Mountain (the MLK Jr. Song)” by Patty Griffin, celebrating the enduring promise of the “peaceful valley” and the certainty that we are not alone as we labor to further goodness in this world. Contact Kaia for references and to inquire about scheduling her to provide music for your community.


Kaia was the featured musical guest at a women’s retreat that I hosted this past Spring. She gave an hour-long concert in the living room of a cabin we had rented on the river. The fireplace blazed, the wine circulated, and the intimacy flowed throughout the room. Kaia’s ethereal voice and her tender heart infuse her songs. She evoked laughter and tears and infused the cabin with the rhythm of healing. She was, indeed, the highlight of the weekend. ~ Mandy Raether, CFLE www.askmsmia.com

Kaia Fowler has been a musical guest at the Unity Spiritual Center of Woodstock and has been warmly received. Her voice is clear and beautiful with her guitar playing providing very nice support. Her original songs are immediately accessible and memorable. We look forward to hearing her again at USCW. ~ Ken Johnson, Music Leader Unity Spiritual Center of Woodstock

Kaia Fowler offered an insightful and inspiring workshop for the parents and later the entire families at both St. Joan of Arc, in Nashotah and St. Catherine of Alexandria parishes in Oconomowoc, WI.  Many commented on Kaia’s ability to weave her own life experiences into stories that invited all to rethink the ordinary and see the extraordinary! Joy and sadness are truly spiritual journeys that Kaia brought to life through her music. As one parishoner said to me, “Her music reminded me God is alive and well in our world.” ~ Mary Sue Reutebuch, Director of Christian Formation: Family and Youth Programs

Music for Services and Gatherings

Church and Community services

Churches, spiritual centers, and community groups invite Kaia to share songs relevant to the theme for the service or gathering. She has also provided full-length programs speaking and sharing songs on a theme. Churches Kaia has served include Unity Spiritual Center of Woodstock Illinois, St. Catherine of Alexandria in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, and the United Methodist Church in Salem, Wisconsin. Kaia has also provided music for Veterans for Peace events in Madison, Wis. and for other regional nonprofit organizations. Please contact Kaia to talk about how her music can contribute to your upcoming service or event.

Memorial services

Kaia sings songs of grief and comfort for services such as the annual Rainbow Hospice Memorial Service. Her personal experience with grief lends authenticity to her performance as she sings from the heart with intention to comfort and promoting healing for all present.  Please contact Kaia to talk about how her music can contribute to the memorial service you are planning. 


By request, Kaia developed music and speaking programs for retreat leaders to incorporate into their events. She sings and speaks on topics such as to self-care, wellness and living fully with awareness and intention. Programs tailored to your retreat topic may be developed. Please contact Kaia to talk about how her music can contribute to your retreat.


Special Programs and Workshops

Finding Grace Amid Life’s Difficulties

This program focuses on finding and maintaining a sense of grace through connection to self, others, and the divine in the face of the challenges that life brings. Kaia shares from her own experience and inspires participants through song and story. 

Self-care: awareness, expression, connection, comfort

Popular with retreats but also relevant for spiritual gatherings, this program covers topics related to the importance of life-enriching rituals, affirming our self-worth, asking for help and reaching out, saying yes to goodness, and being our own hero through awareness and self-love. 

Life Songs for Seniors

This one-hour program for seniors meets the needs of activity directors looking to host a delightful, meaningful, and inspiring musical experience for residents. It features songs popular in the 1940s and 50s along with select original songs related to life, memories, and the passing of time. Kaia guides seniors on a journey to special places through carefully selected songs of family and friendship, love and loss, playfulness and serenity. Please follow this link to learn more. 

Please contact Kaia to ask for more information on these programs or developing a unique program to meet the needs of your event.