The Sand and the Sea lyrics

The Sand and the Sea
c1997 Kaia Fowler

Once the water has run, don’t waste your time wondering why.
Just lift your cup, lift it up. Hold it high.
What brings us pain may bring new life.

Like the sand and the sea, constant, yet changing.
That’s you and me.
Sometimes small and unseen. Sometimes, enveloping.
This is the landscape of our dreams.

Still what mysteries hide beneath your restless eyes?
What depths unfold? What treasures hold you compromised?
The greatest mountains in the world rest deep within the sea
Slowly wearing down to nothing but these grains beneath my feet.

Wear me down, wash me clean. It’s all the same to me.
After all, I become who I was meant to be.
This is the essence and it’s too big, too big to be seen.