Update on fundraiser album

Hi everyone,

I have presents for you today – nice long teasers from the final, mastered studio recordings for the fundraiser EP, to be released this spring. Proceeds, after my costs, will all go to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.

The title for the four-song album is All The Way.  I wrote the title track the day after I learned that my husband’s pancreatic cancer had not been cured by surgery as we had hoped. When I heard the news that it had returned and was at stage iv, that he had 6 to 11 months to live, all I could think was that I didn’t want him to go through this alone. I wanted to be fully there for him. I needed him to know how dedicated I was to supporting him, being there for him, “all the way.”

First, from the title track, “All The Way.” This song also reflects my struggle to hold on to the good things in our life — our love, the beauty of the yellow maple leaves in the sunlight, being with my soulmate — while knowing that I would lose him soon. Ultimately, we don’t know how long we have with those we love, so we need to be with them “right now.” In this song, I share that “right now will be enough, enough for our love.” Writing and singing “All The Way” gave me reassurance that we could get through this tragedy together and live fully, experiencing joy as well as sorrow.

Click the triangle to play even if it still says “loading.”

Next,   “Where The Water Meets the Land,” a song I wrote in November, thinking about how Scott lived his life and how I wanted to live mine.

Click the triangle to play even if it still says “loading.”

I am so glad that Scott responded to the chemo that kept him alive for months. He and I planned this fundraiser EP several months before he died. Now, nearly six months after he continued on his journey of enlightenment, I feel as connected to him as ever, and I am so excited to see the project taking shape. Thank you for your support. I couldn’t do this without you.


Kaia in studio 12 17 13a

Kaia in Studio 12-17-13cKaia in Studio 12-17-13b

Progress to date:

– Recorded the songs on Dec. 17 in Beth Kille‘s studio

– Mixed the recordings with Beth during the week of Christmas

– Tracks mastered by Michael Mood

The album artwork is in the planning stage.

I also connected with a CD duplicator who offered to support the project by including free promotional posters with the order.

Moving forward, I will post more about the album artwork. . .

For now, peace and light,