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Show CANCELLED – Friday March 7

I am sorry to say that I had to cancel my show at Beauty and the Bean. I hear that another musician will be playing that evening, so I encourage you to check it out if you planned to come. I am having nerve pain in my left hand and need to get a specialist’s opinion before playing for extended periods of time. The benefit CD is still in the works, though. The recording is completed and the artwork is in progress. More news about that in the next few weeks. Hang in there! Spring IS on the way (at least that’s the rumor I heard).


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“All The Way” album artwork


I wanted to share more on the album artwork for my new EP All the Way. It will incorporate sunset photos taken last July by my much loved and greatly missed husband, Scott.  He wanted to take one last trip to Door County to photograph places “where the water meets the land.” A beautiful man and amazing artist, he left a wealth of gorgeous photos to choose from for the cover. Here is one example.

Scott R. Jaeger

Scott R. Jaeger

Graphic designer Jeff Campbell – evil genius and longtime friend of  Scott – will create the cover and rest of the artwork. (Ok, so Jeff asked to be called an evil genius. I have no evidence that he has earned that distinction, but thought I would humor him since he is graciously volunteering his talent on this project.)

CD art created by Jeff Campbell for another band

CD art created by Jeff Campbell for another band. Click to view larger.

More All the Way news soon including how you can support the project, get the digital release before it is available to the public and get a print of Scott’s sunset photo.

May we all walk the path of enlightenment,


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