New website look in progress!

I am excited to announce that I am working with a web designer on a whole new look for my site. This is all in preparation for resuming a regular concert schedule and the upcoming Kickstarter campaign to help with the release of my EP benefit album, All the Way. I am scheduling new shows and will be sending out emails to let you know when a show is coming up. If you aren’t on my email list, you may join by clicking this link

I am grateful for all of you.


Delayed but not forgotten

The benefit EP album I recorded last winter has been delayed by injury and other unforeseen events, but  All the Way  is still on the way.

What’s going on now and what’s coming up this fall/winter:

  • Final designs are being completed for the album case – a 6 panel wallet featuring black and white photos by professional photographer Scott R. Jaeger, my husband and the man who inspired this album through his experience living with and dying from pancreatic cancer.
  • Once the design is completed, I plan to make a video and set up a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to pay to have the CDs manufactured.
  • Following that will be CD release parties and a series of concerts I am in the process of scheduling.


How you can help:

  • If you have a location near you that you would like to see me do a show at, please forward the name of the place along with a link to their website, if you know it, to me at kaiafowler @
  • Watch for word on the Kickstarter campaign and support it at whatever level you can. Then share it with everyone you know.


Thanks always for your continued support of my creative work. You give it meaning.

Want to listen to the song sample sneak-previews of the new album?

Here they are:

All The Way

Quirky website! Click the triangle to play even if it still says “loading.”


Where The Water Meets the Land

Again, click the triangle to play even if it still says “loading.”


Until next time,