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Current album project: One Breath

One Breath covert art
Photo by Caleb Wood. Collage art by Gail McCoy.

Anticipated in May 2020, One Breath features songs about transcendence, the joy of loving others well, and the profound experiences of living and dying. Songs on this album affirm hope, beauty, and comfort in the face of hatred, suffering, and despair. One Breath reflects on the passage of time, how we change, and how we stay the same, all sung and played from the heart with a love for all. 

Click here to help fund One Breath at my Go Fund Me project page. Thank you! Donations of $25 qualify you for an autographed CD when it is released. Note: Go fund me does not automatically provide your contact information to me, so you will need to confirm your donation via email to get your CD. You may email me at kaia@kaiafowler.com.

Update from Kaia as of February, 2020: The recording for this album is nearly complete. I have a title song that came along rather recently that I still need to record vocals and guitar for, otherwise all of the main vocals and guitar parts are recorded. Also completed: blues harp by Tricia Alexander for “Ridin’ Along” and Joe Jencks’ vocals and bouzouki for “Take Shelter in Love,” as well as percussion by Caleb Wood. Additional recording of lead parts and other finishing touches will be completed soon. Then the project moves on to the mixing and mastering stage before CDs get ordered. I am so thankful to everyone who has already donated to support this project and for your patience as I work to create an album that fully expresses the songs. 

For those considering donating, thank you! Musicians need to be paid, as do the engineers and then there is physical pressing and distribution costs. Anything you can contribute to support the project will be greatly appreciated. Thanks again to everyone who has handed me cash at concerts, sent checks, and donated online. It means so much to me: encouragement, support, love. Mountains of gratitude!

Donate to the Go Fund Me campaign here. 

Thank you to folks who have already backed this project! Your support helps me do more with my music! It means so much to me, always. 

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Listeners say Kaia Fowler’s music “speaks to the soul.” Through song, Kaia evokes transcendence and comfort even when witnessing difficult topics like personal loss, social inequality, and our fragile Earth. Her music explores challenges, embraces resilience, and celebrates the joy of being alive, even in times of sorrow. An accomplished finger style guitarist with a wonderful vocal range, Kaia’s sound ranges from vibrantly melodic tunes reminiscent of artists like Joni Mitchell and Joan Baez to blues and roots rock songs with rhythmic strumming and powerful vocals. In concert, Kaia’s warm energy and authenticity invite listeners to transcend the day-to-day in a way that only live music can. See full bio. . .

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Latest Album: All the Way 

All The Way benefit EP album
All The Way benefit EP album

Get Kaia’s benefit EP album All the Way with “Where the Water Meets the Land” – Click Here to go to the CD Baby Shop

Kaia’s most recently released album: All the Way, an EP with four songs produced in memory of her late husband, Scott R. Jaeger, who died of pancreatic cancer in 2013, was released October 2015.

This EP features songs four songs. One, “Feel So Much” is a love song celebrating the experience falling in love and finding comfort and trust in the other’s eyes and arms. Another song, “Where the Water Meets the Land,” Kaia calls her “I’m alive so I have to live,” song. Written a few months after her husband’s death, at a time when going on with him seemed so terribly difficult, the song draws on the inspiration that kept Scott strong through his life and the process of dying: places where the water meets the land. It features quotes from great teachers on how to live well taken from a journal her husband kept. Click here to see the lyrics and inspiring quotes.  Two other songs, “Stay with Me,” and “All the Way” directly address the complex feelings involved with finding out the love of your life will most likely


“It was a pleasure to host Kaia as a guest on Another Green World at WORT in Madison. It’s apparent- from her impressive guitar-work, beautiful voice, and intentional, evocative lyrics- that she is the real deal when it comes to both singing and songwriting. Our conversation was lively and she speaks about her music with authenticity and grace. Plus, she’s so da*n sweet! We’d have her back anytime.” Katie Hutchinson and Farmer Shaun, Another Green World WORT FM 89.9 Madison, Wis.

“Your music speaks to my soul.” (listener and supporter of the One Breath album crowdfunding project)

“When a CD is as sparsely orchestrated as Seams of My Heart is, the lyrics need to help carry the load, and they do. Fowler is a tremendous lyricist. Her lyrics paint pictures, and her musical notes add the color to her songs. She wrote all the songs on this CD and deserves all the credit for creating such works of art. . . . I really, really like this CD. I have seen Fowler live and her performances are true to this recording. There were not a lot of studio tricks here. Just really great songs performed by great musicians, and that equals a great recording. Watch for Fowler playing in your area.” ~ Andy Ziehli, Americana Gazette

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