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All The Way benefit EP album

All The Way benefit EP album

Kaia’s Latest Album: All the Way, in memory of her late husband, Scott R. Jaeger, who died of pancreatic cancer in 2013, was released October 2015. This EP features songs four songs. One, “Feel So Much” is a love song celebrating the experience falling in love and finding comfort and trust in the other’s eyes and arms. Another song, “Where the Water Meets the Land,” Kaia calls her “I’m alive so I have to live,” song. Written a few months after her husband’s death, at a time when going on with him seemed so terribly difficult, the song draws on the inspiration that kept Scott strong through his life and the process of dying: places where the water meets the land. It features quotes from great teachers on how to live well taken from a journal her husband kept. Click here to see the lyrics and inspiring quotes.  Two other songs, “Stay with Me,” and “All the Way” directly address the complex feelings involved with finding out the love of your life will most likely suffer greatly and then die within a year. Companion songs, one protests, “It’s fine to say, just live for today. . . But it’s another thing to try to dance and sing when a storm is blowing, blowing hard on you” while the other seeks serenity and promises togetherness, “You don’t have to climb alone. I’ll go with you, Love, all the way.” Go to the CDBaby store to purchase a CD or digital album download. At least $4 of every CD sold and $7 of every digital album download sold benefits the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.


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